First two testing pop-ups to open in Marylebone and Notting Hill

One of the UK’s largest private testing MegaLab to open in Shepherds Bush to process results in 24-hours

Increases the UK’s testing capacity by 100,000 Covid-19 tests a week

16th December 2020 – Biogroup (‘the Group’), a market leader in biological testing and analysis, is launching in the UK to provide rapid, high efficacy testing that is critical to allowing the UK to exit lock-down and return to a more ‘normal’ state.

Biogroup is launching an RT-PCR (RealTime Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) test service initially via two pop-up testing centres in Marylebone and Notting Hill to detect the presence of the Covid-19 virus and establish whether the individual is infected. Professionals will take nasal and throat swabs, once clients have checked in at the centre,to ensure they are accurately undertaken to maximise the efficacy of the results.

The swabs are then sent to the MegaLab which is one of the largest yet in the UK for private testing. Biogroup’s testing method has a high level of efficacy, identifying Covid infections in 99.9% of cases with results available within 24-hours. Biogroup provides a complete end-to- end solution, from welcoming consumers and taking the swab to the analysis of the results. Thus creating a direct link with the patients and avoiding the complications of any third party providers.

Tests can be taken by anyone registering online, via Biogroup’s website www.biogroup- or Once the test has been paid, customers will obtain a QR code to be presented upon arrival at reception. Tests cost £135 with results delivered by email within 24 hours.

Covid-19 Antibody Test

With the Covid-19 virus causing a severe health, economic and social crisis around the world and effectively paralysing the UK economy, testing has become crucial in the management of the pandemic. Biogroup has invested significantly in expanding its testing facilities in France, when the country was still on the verge of the Covid-19 health crisis in order to become the main provider of Covid-19 testing. It has around 700 labs in France alone and has organised its human, technical and scientific resources to respond to the health emergency, working with the French Government, and is playing a vital role in helping to tackle the crisis. The Group is now focusing its effort on expanding further into London with additional pop-ups in the pipeline. Its insights and track record would be invaluable as the UK continues its fight against Covid- 19.

Biogroup can also provide assistance to large corporates aiming to ensure staff are tested before returning to work.

Dr. Astrid Gouilliard, Chairman of Biogroup UK Comments:

“Testing is central in the fight to control the spread of the virus. It allows those infected to be isolated to prevent or at least slow down the number of new infections. It is also key in the future management of the pandemic, establishing how much the virus has spread across the broader population and understanding the level of immunity across the UK.

“We are delighted to be launching our new service in London, where our MegaLab, one of the largest in the UK, will provide the Capital with 100,000 testing capacity a week. Its location will ensure the efficiency of the service with results being sent by email within 24hrs of the test being done.

“The additional capacity from private labs for both corporates and consumers will considerably help people return to normalcy by reducing self-isolation and re-opening the country to business travel.”

The RT-PCR test used by Biogroup is widely regarded as the Gold standard for virus testing and has been shown to deliver highly accurate detection of Covid-19.

In comparison the Lateral Flow tests that are being trialled in Liverpool have been shown to be less effective at avoiding false negatives (i.e. telling people who have Covid that they are not infected) despite delivering results rapidly1.

The first two pop-ups are opening in 1 Denbigh road, London, W11 2SJ and 58 Blanford Street, London, W1U 7JB, with additional sites in the pipeline for 2021.

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About Biogroup

Biogroup is the first French group owned and managed exclusively by biologists, whose business knowledge and professionalism constitute its strength. Driven by common values of expertise, innovation, excellence and proximity, Biogroup is building the future by uniting around a common project: to increase the efficiency of the diagnosis in order to treat patients faster.
Created in 1998 by its current CEO, Dr Stéphane Eimer, Biogroup currently consists of 700 + sites managed by more than 800 biologists in France. It is also the leader in Belgium with its CMA structure.
The organisation of the Biogroup laboratories allows a personalised approach for our patients, perpuating an individual experience of high quality medicine. This proximity is made possible by the important subdividing of the territory by our numerous cutting-edge technology, technical platforms and the organisation of our pool of expertise.