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A major player in French medical biology; Biogroup is a group of medical analysis laboratories owned by medical biologists, pharmacists or doctors, working in its laboratories.

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Biogroup is the first French group owned and managed exclusively by biologists, whose business knowledge and professionalism constitute its strength. Driven by common values of expertise, innovation, excellence and proximity, Biogroup is building the future by uniting around a common project: to increase the efficiency of the diagnosis in order to treat patients faster.

Created in 1998 by its current CEO, Dr Stéphane Eimer, Biogroup currently consists of 700 + sites managed by more than 800 biologists in France. Biogroup equally operates in Belgium with its CMA structure.

The organisation of the Biogroup laboratories allows for a personalised approach for our patients; an individual experience of high quality medicine.

This efficiency is made possible given our cutting-edge technology, technical platforms and the sub-division of our team across where we operate ensuring effective organisation of our pool of expertise.

Biogroup, a 20 year old story

  • 1998: Creation of the 1st laboratory by Stéphane Eimer in Alsace (France).
  • 1999 – 2019: Development in France.
  • 2020: Expansion of the group into Europe.

In numbers

Biogroup values

Biogroup wishes to provide a high quality and local service to all of its patients. To do this, each employee adheres to the values defended by Biogroup:

  • Competence and independence
  • Service and proximity
  • Quality and innovation
  • Respect and commitment

To fulfill its values, Biogroup promotes quality and continuous improvement as a fundamental to all its employees on a daily basis.

Competence and independence

By cultivating team spirit and making “the power of the team” a key word, Biogroup focuses on maintaining team spirit, they enable each employee to contribute to the success of the group individually and collectively. We guarantee their level of excellence through periodic evaluation, the provision of high-performance documentation and continuous training adapted to professional development.

Quality and innovation

The implementation of a quality management system whose objective is the constant search for improvement, the selection of the most efficient technology, the use of computer systems that collect, process and disseminate information whilst guaranteeing the security, integrity and confidentiality of data. These are elements we implement into our management system assuring a high level of service to our customers.

Service and proximity

We guarantee a personalised welcome and individual care for all our patients allowing us to conduct an individual approach ensuring a high quality practice of medicine.  By promoting permanent exchanges with our correspondents (prescribers, nurses, etc.), we actively participate in the medical diagnosis. We provide optimal and local service for our patients through an extensive geographical coverage in the areas we operate and the delivery of results in a narrow timeframe.

Respect and commitment

Biogroup actively contributes to the promotion of our profession and the defense of its image by participating in the various unions and representative bodies of the profession. By creating a relationship of trust and mutual respect between partners and all stakeholders (employees, patients, correspondents, suppliers, etc.) we place human relations and respect as key values.