Question about my refund

Yes, you can. However please note that you have 12 months to use your test from the moment you buy it, whether it is an in-clinic test or a home test. You might need it later on, so please consider this before asking for a refund.
See our Terms and Conditions to look at the cancellation specifications.

In-clinic tests

Home tests

In-clinic RT-PCR for Test to Release / Fit to Fly / Non Diagnostic

  • We can only refund a test if you fall under the following criteria:
    • Your flight was cancelled by your airline prior to your test (you will need to provide a proof of the cancellation of your flight)
    • You cannot attend your appointment for medical reasons (we will require a certified letter from your GP)
    • Quarantine and/or entry requirements in your destination country change prior to your test
  • Any other reason for cancelling your test will incur a £50 cancellation fee.

Home test kits for Test to Release / Fit to Fly / Non Diagnostic

  • We can refund you as long as you send us back the unused test.
  • In the case where there was an issue on our end we will refund the full amount, but if you simply do not need the test anymore we will retain a £10 fee for postage.

Day 2 & 8 / Day 2 / Day 8 – In-clinic and at home (From July 28th)

  • We will not refund a Day 2 / Day 8 test unless you let us know more than 48 hours before your arrival date.
  • In the case of a Day 8 test, we will refund you only if the country you were travelling from moved from the Amber to Green list after you purchased the test.
  • If it is was a home test, please send it back to us unused.

Refunds are issued twice a month. It can take 2-4 weeks for us to proceed with the refund (from the moment we have received the necessary documents and/or the unused testing kit).

When we have issued the refund the patient will receive an email from us.

If you booked the wrong test by mistake, we cannot do anything unfortunately. You will need to buy the correct one and ask for a refund.

See our full FAQ here.

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