Question about my booking

Absolutely. All you have to do is pick the test you want to take right here, and follow the steps to buy and book. You also have the option to register without booking. However it is important that you register before coming to the clinic.

If you need to change your booking, do not worry – you don’t need to. Our centres will welcome you 7 days a week with or without an appointment, so you can simply walk in with your ID and QR code anytime you would like. Please note that you have 12 months to do your test.

If you did not receive your confirmation email, please start by checking your junk email. If the email is still not in there, there might have been a problem when you booked – contact us and we will send you the email once again. It might also mean that the payment didn’t go through, so you are welcome to try again.

The test is very quick, if you have already booked your appointment and entered your information, you should be in and out in about 5 minutes only.

That is completely fine – as long as you have bought your test online and have your QR code you don’t need to have a booking. You can come to the centre on your 8th day and get tested.

See our full FAQ here.

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If you have an urgent question, you can call us on 0203 885 0078 Monday to Sunday from 9AM to 7PM.